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This is your birthright...to challenge adversity and overcome it.

It's impossible to be defeated.
Life’s not created like that.

- Chapter 1, Start Here

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Spiriting Around: A Modern Guide to Finding Yourself
is the work of self-published author Martin “Mark” Tomback. It’s the product of over 35 years of focused study on the spirit’s human condition. So it’s a spiritual look at our everyday problems—with practical spiritual solutions. The premise is that life is simply a spiritual event.

“I’ve always felt a natural inclination to this subject. And I’ve always been comfortable at picking apart life’s details in a spiritual context. I’ve seen the common threads binding us together. And it’s always come back to this. Life is harder than it has to be.”
-Mark Tomback

So what makes Spiriting Around important?

Some of the concepts in this book’s approach.

• Spirit is our natural condition.
• Life is not its judge.
• Spirit is the facilitator.
• Life reflects spirit’s intentions through its physical world.
• A life’s condition is the feedback on spirit’s choices.
• Our free will to make choices is how God explores creation.
• To that end God takes responsibility and is our constant support.
• Love is the common denominator of all things.
• Love is the measure of life.
• Testing love’s forms is life’s purpose.
• You’re always at a starting point.


• You can have a personal plan for answering random questions.
• Plans come from having a purpose and an approach based on your values.
• Details flow naturally into the plan.
• Any positive approach will do.
• Questions of value change as the criteria of our goals, our priorities compared
to other goals, and general conditions change.
• The spiritual method asks only for your faith.
• Spirit acts independently

And Spiriting Around can be your guide to making sense of it.
















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