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Positive energy creates positive results. That's why it's essential to identify your good feelings and know what makes you happy.

It's important to be honest with yourself. The truth of you inner being will drive you to the future that reflects who you are.

- Chapter 2, The Reason Why

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Vol. 3, Issue 1

This is love.
Mark Tomback

Someone asked me the other day, “What is love?”, and I gave them an honest and accurate answer, adequate but on reflecting on it later it felt incomplete. People look at things differently and the ways they understand things, while similar, are also unique. So I wanted to give the best answer I could on this common yet barely defined concept that we all live with as the foundation of our lives. I thought it should be complete but simple and clear at the same time. So here it is. These are the elements of being a loving human being.

  1. Corinthians 13. Here in the bible is an excellent place to start your questions and considerations about love. It’s more than just excellent because I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. So it’s priceless. It’s the perfect foundation to begin an understanding about what love means to a human being. An interesting thing is that different bibles have slightly different interpretations of this message. I think they’re all great and important to compare so you can get a better understanding of love from this miraculous passage in the bible. If you want to understand the meaning of love, read this first.

  2. You can feel it. It’s real. You know the feeling. Whether it’s love for a family member, a hobby, or an ideal, it’s touchable. It’s a physical sensation. You can go there. There’s something material, a feeling you can explore. Maybe it needs better definition in human terms but it’s right there for you to examine and ask yourself questions about it.

  3. It’s about caring. It’s about embracing what you care about. Something matters and it’s important for no other reason than it’s a part of the whole experience of existence. So, it’s about mutual respect for everyone and everything.

  4. It’s the glue of the universe, the force that connects everything with a common thread and common purpose. It’s the power of reunification in what had been individualized through creation. It’s the oneness that maintains its wholeness no matter how many parts and pieces it becomes. It’s the one consciousness that runs through everything everywhere and it’s the universe of understanding that makes sense of it all—our common sense.

  5. Love is God. God is love. God is everywhere in everything. So love is everywhere in everything. That means you can touch God in everything you do. That means you can touch love in everything there is. So your spirituality is as real and practical as any other part of life. That means you can communicate with God whenever you want: in your thoughts, feelings, gestures, actions, intentions, ambitions, contemplations, ceremonies…and most of all—in your sincerity. All through love.

  6. Love is the essence of spirituality and identifies it. So your spirituality shows you physical signs that you can follow through love’s guidance. Follow its trail and love will reveal its secrets. You’re entitled to it no matter who you are or what you do. It’s a gift from God and no one can deny you. This is where religion helps us. All religions do the same thing. They try to define love and the meaning of right behavior. And they can all be effective from there own cultural perspectives. That’s why they each should be respected on their own merits as windows on love.

  7. Love is our connection to our higher spiritual selves. Its there where reside the wonders of our wisdom and spiritual healing that we know in the reality of the lives we live. Through love we can connect with the soul part of us and learn more about who we are from this eternal part of our spiritual nature.  

  8. To trust love you have to use it and let it prove itself to you; its power and reliability. The world is reasonable and requires evidence to support your faith. So try it out and see if love can be the miracle you use to guide your life.

  9. Hope is the belief that love will get you what you want. Charity is the belief that there’s value in love. Faith is trust in love. And loving God is trust in life.

  10. Love is the measure of your life. It’s the love you create. It’s the love you give and the love you receive. This is really it!

Hopefully this is a good start for your understandings about love. It’s yours to explore and enjoy. It’s about you and other people, and it’s the basis of every experience you’ll ever have. It’s your connection to God and your ability as a human being in this common experience. So consider making love a part of everything you do and it’ll bless your life with spiritual success no matter what the outcome.

Thank you,

Mark Tomback



Copyright © 2008 Martin Tomback