Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!

—even when we face the same hard questions every day.

And here’s how Spiriting Around can help. It talks about what everyone wants to know.

That means we make Choices! That means we’re responsible. And that means you can own your responsibility and direct it to get what you want.

There’s no avoiding it so here’s some help to make it easier for you.

Welcome to the home of Spiriting Around: A Modern Guide to Finding Yourself. I’m glad you made it.

Here’s a great asset that can help you get more of what you want from life—and with a lot less struggle than you’re currently having.

Spiriting Around was written with teens in mind but it’s really for anyone.
It’s a guidebook for growing up. And who couldn’t use that—at any age?

Responsibility’s neither a burden nor a license. It’s neither blame nor ability. It’s really the respect you give yourself that balances with your respect for others. It’s an opportunity when you learn to accept yourself. And it’s your freedom to give yourself anything you want.

Everything about life is a question. And it’s always been that way. While we’re all basically the same we still interpret it according to our own unique natures. So, each of us accepts
guidance in our own personal way.

Take a look at Spiriting Around and see for yourself. This might be a good way for you.

At any age we all face the problems of living in a social world, finding things we like, and bringing together the resources we need to make them happen.

So the purpose of knowledge is to help you make choices. And your intelligence isn’t measured
by how much you know but by the quality of your choices as they relate to what you want.

Therefore knowledge is important and the more you enrich your understanding of a situation the better chance you have of making the choices that serve you.

So it’s really about your values, priorities, and the risks you’re willing to take to make them happen. That’s what Spiriting Around can help you do.

You can use the A-Z Conflicts & Controversies chapter to help show you how. Hopefully that’s
a good first step to help making things easier for you.

Life really doesn’t have to be so hard. Regardless of what you’ve endured so far, you’re more capable than you think. And God really is a willing partner waiting to help you. Trust that thought and it’ll prove itself to you.


Copyright © 2005 Martin Tomback